Inde: Trouver sa place dans la folie de Delhi

Savor the Old Town

It was at the exit of the metro Chawri Bazar that I found Jaidev. S. Jamwal, co-founder of the India Food Tour . It is here, in this crazy district of Old Delhi, that the young Indian gave me an appointment and tried to make me discover the delights of his city and his country. A gourmet stroll of 4 hours through meticulously selected places offering the best and the most authentic Indian culinary experiences. A walk including a dozen gourmet stops in direct connection with this pleasure of eating well so evident found in India.

It is by zigzagging between passers-by, animals and rickshaws, and then spanning tons of waste (mostly launched in full streets by the health workers in protest against the government) that I followed Jaidev in the mazes of the Old Delhi and places where I would never have had the idea to venture. Small kiosks, family minirestaurants and real institutions of the old city where India reveals itself, one bite at a time.

From the famous Shyam Sweets desserts to home-baked breads cooked in a tiny restaurant on the narrow alley of Gali Paranthe Wali, passing through the singular Chandani Chowk spice market and the Kuremal Mohan Lal ice cream stand, , Yoghurts, spicy fries, samosas, desserts, Indian sandwiches and other typical dishes have all been photographed, smoked, examined and then devoured, spooned or even hand-made as locals do.
from Cooking In Delhi


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