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Delhi day one

After some toing and froing between our guides we met up with Rajeev and JD from Food Tour in Delhi at about 3.00pm. Exuberant Rajeev and the quieter JD were to lead us through the most extraordinary NINE hour food adventure through some of the oldest (and scariest) parts of Delhi, introducing us to some of the most authentic food tastes and experiences we could never imagine. It’s now almost 24 hours after we concluded the tour and no gastric upsets yet – so it proved to be a completely successful food experience in every sense!!

We set off in rickshaws through the crowded, gridlocked streets and laneways of heritage listed Old Delhi.
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Sightseeing walks and food tours in New Delhi


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Food Tour in Delhi offers a plethora of tours from chef tours and introduction to spices to tea tasting and shopping tours accompanied by snacks
”A lot of very good photo-opportunities and bragging rights are on line”
Customize their tours to the specific desires of their guests
Prices range from $45–120 USD
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Inde: Trouver sa place dans la folie de Delhi

Savor the Old Town

It was at the exit of the metro Chawri Bazar that I found Jaidev. S. Jamwal, co-founder of the India Food Tour . It is here, in this crazy district of Old Delhi, that the young Indian gave me an appointment and tried to make me discover the delights of his city and his country. A gourmet stroll of 4 hours through meticulously selected places offering the best and the most authentic Indian culinary experiences. A walk including a dozen gourmet stops in direct connection with this pleasure of eating well so evident found in India.

It is by zigzagging between passers-by, animals and rickshaws, and then spanning tons of waste (mostly launched in full streets by the health workers in protest against the government) that I followed Jaidev in the mazes of the Old Delhi and places where I would never have had the idea to venture. Small kiosks, family minirestaurants and real institutions of the old city where India reveals itself, one bite at a time.

From the famous Shyam Sweets desserts to home-baked breads cooked in a tiny restaurant on the narrow alley of Gali Paranthe Wali, passing through the singular Chandani Chowk spice market and the Kuremal Mohan Lal ice cream stand, , Yoghurts, spicy fries, samosas, desserts, Indian sandwiches and other typical dishes have all been photographed, smoked, examined and then devoured, spooned or even hand-made as locals do.
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An Evening with Indian Food Tours
Due to the amount of food we consumed our tour only lasted a few hours. True to word we arrived back at the hotel with full tummies and happy faces. Jaidev was a very kind and informative guide, we enjoyed learning about Old Delhi and tasting true Indian food from vendors we would have never found. I’d definitely recommend this for anyone wanting to enjoy and learn about Delhi’s foodie culture.

To find out more information about Indian Food Tours please visit their website and TripAdvisor.
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Experience An Amazing Food Tour in Delhi – Gr8 Travel Tips

There is a variety of different Food Tours to choose from depending on your time and budget. We chose their authentic Food Walk Tour down the streets and alleyways of Old Delhi. Walking throughout the side streets and alleys of Old Delhi definitely gives you a feel and taste of everyday life for locals living and visiting this historic part of Delhi.

A truly unique and one of kind experience!

Most of the restaurants and food vendors we visited on this tour, you would be hard pressed to find or think of trying on your own without the assurance and recommendations of a professional tour guide. A number of these food establishments have been around well over 60 years and much more!

Gr8 Travel Tips
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10 Reasons to Spend Two Weeks in India – Thoughts And Ideas

10 Reasons to Spend Two Weeks in India
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India offers tourists unmatched access to perception-altering sights, sounds, and flavors. Forget The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel; The Darjeeling Limited; Slumdog Millionaire; Eat, Pray, Love; Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom — these movies don’t even begin to reveal the real India. To understand India’s quirks and irks, ceaseless cacophony, and amalgamated intrigue, pity, and revulsion requires a visit.

India may be the most colorful country in the world. Textile shops, pedal-rickshaws, spice markets, flowers, lakes, and Tequila Sunrise mornings paint the backdrop for unmatched photographic diversity. India’s people are just as colorful as their home and normally accommodate the wannabe photojournalist with sometimes fun and often serious poses. Photo opportunities are everywhere in India; however, while in Delhi try Delhi Photo Tour, an excellent resource for a behind the scenes look at a city with no shortage of hidden gems.
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