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Food Walks in Jaipur


The walled city is also known for its authentic Rajasthani food which in itself is a brand ambassador for the grandeur of Rajasthan. One of the more famous dishes of Jaipur is Kota Kachori which is served with mint sauce. Another famous snack is the Khasta Urad Dal Kachori. Eating the Kachori accompanied with a glass hot tea (chai) will give you an exact idea about taste of the Jaipur street food.

Once you have had those yummy snacks you can head over to the Jantar Mantar. It is an ancient observatory which was used for observing the sky by astronomers as well as astrologers. The interesting fact is they still work. The giant Sun Dial in the centre gives you accurate timing to the tee. For budding astronomers, Jaipur also has a planetarium which hosts special shows screening audio visuals about our planet and the universe. Another must see destination in Jaipur Tour is the Hawa Mahal which was built in 1799 by Sawai Pratap Singh. This stunning semi octagonal structure has a unbelievable 152 windows with latticed balconies. This is one of the shiniest examples of traditional Rajasthani architecture and served as palace for the royal Rajput ladies. The city of Jaipur also houses a Central Museum which offers you a view of the very rare Rajput artefacts, archaeological collections and handicrafts created by local craftsmen. Most Jaipur tours also include the Laxmi Narayan Temple situated below Moti Doongri with it’s intricate marble and lattice work. The Kanak Vrindavan temple situated just outside city also offers a very nice vista. The surroundings of Jal Mahal play host to numerous migratory birds and it’s a paradise for bird watchers during certain parts of the year.
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