Photo Tour of Delhi Monuments in Delhi, India

Photography Tour of Delhi Monuments

This photo tour is suitable for all kind of photographers, professionals, learners as well as casual photographers who wish to have great pictures of the places they are visiting. The photography guide takes the guests to places from where to get perfect shots. You can also ask the guide to take your pictures so that you can just focus on enjoying the place instead of taking pictures yourself.

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4-Hour Old Delhi Food Tour – TripAdvisor

4-Hour Old Delhi Food Tour

Tuck into the savory and sweet flavors of Old Delhi on this popular food tour that highlights the culinary delights of this diverse city. Follow your friendly guide through busy streets and back alleys on a quest for the most delicious dishes Delhi has on offer. Visit up to nine different food spots–including tiny street vendors and 100-year-old restaurants on this memorable experience that’s perfect for adventurous travelers!
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India Culinary Tour : Delhi, Agra and Jaipur

India Culinary Tour : Delhi, Agra and Jaipur in 6 Days

A special Golden Triangle luxury tour of the cities Delhi, Agra and Jaipur which form the famous Golden Triangle of India or the big Great Indian Samosa as we call it. This luxury tour package is best way to explore various types of Indian food and cuisine. A must see for foodie travelers who want a special introduction to the different Indian cuisines. Choicest dishes from Northern and West Indian cuisines is covered here, in addition to various fun things to do and sight seeing of famous as well as lesser known attractions in all the cities. The culinary activities include food tours, cooking classes, kitchen tours, restaurant visits, and are guided by experts so that the guests get the optimal India experience.

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Best drink for upcoming Indian summers, Lassi in a clay cup. #food #indianfood #summers

via Cooking In Delhi Best drink for upcoming Indian summers, Lassi in a clay cup.

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Delhi day one

After some toing and froing between our guides we met up with Rajeev and JD from Food Tour in Delhi at about 3.00pm. Exuberant Rajeev and the quieter JD were to lead us through the most extraordinary NINE hour food adventure through some of the oldest (and scariest) parts of Delhi, introducing us to some of the most authentic food tastes and experiences we could never imagine. It’s now almost 24 hours after we concluded the tour and no gastric upsets yet – so it proved to be a completely successful food experience in every sense!!

We set off in rickshaws through the crowded, gridlocked streets and laneways of heritage listed Old Delhi.
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Sightseeing walks and food tours in New Delhi


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Food Tour in Delhi offers a plethora of tours from chef tours and introduction to spices to tea tasting and shopping tours accompanied by snacks
”A lot of very good photo-opportunities and bragging rights are on line”
Customize their tours to the specific desires of their guests
Prices range from $45–120 USD
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